Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Functionally retarded Donald Douglas semi-refutes one of my 4 rebuttals, declares victory.

Wow, this wingnut doesn't know when to quit. (UPDATED)

After I handed him his ass in this post, Douglas comes back for more, in the hilariously titled,
Eat Shit and Die, ‘Blue Commie Texan’”
Is that really all ya got, Donald? What is this, 1968?

OK, let's have it.
Blue Texan suggests I'm not very bright and then offers this epic-fail excuse of racist hypocrisy on the late KKK Senate Majority Leader: "Byrd renounced his past racism, and became a true champion for civil rights. Lott's voting record on civil rights sucks, and he's never renounced his ties to the CCC."

I'm tempted to dismiss Blue Texan as stupid, but that'd be getting off too easy. Blue Texan's in fact a morally decrepit liar. There was no Trent Lott renunciation of CCC? Well, yes there was, actually: "
Lott Renounces White 'Racialist' Group He Praised in 1992."
Hmmm. Well, let's take a look at the key grafs of the article Douglas links to:
Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.), who last week claimed "no firsthand knowledge" of the controversial Council of Conservative Citizens, six years ago told the group's members they "stand for the right principles and the right philosophy."

This week, after being asked about a newly surfaced copy of the group's 1992 newsletter, in which he appears to endorse the group and ask for its support, Lott renounced the organization and said through a spokesman he has nothing to do with them.

BAM! That settles it! Through a spokesman, after he got busted palling around with white supremacists in the '90s, Lott distanced himself from them. In your face, Commie!


Lott originally denied firsthand knowledge of the CCC (later having to backtrack on this statement) and because, as opposed to Barr, there was evidence of an ongoing relationship. CCC leaders revealed that Lott had spoken to them on more than one occasion; that his syndicated column regularly ran in The Citizens Informer, and that his uncle, a member of the Council's Executive Board, called him an "honorary member." Lott later criticized the CCC's use of his name in their publications, denied membership and claimed ignorance as to the racist nature of the group's rhetoric. Unlike Barr, however, he never condemned the group's racist ideology explicitly and unequivocally.


Can't wait until Donald Douglas calls the Anti-Defamation League a bunch of leftist liars.

As for my other rebuttal points #1, #2, the first three-fourths of #3, and #4 -- Donald offers no comment. Good move. That's why I say he's functionally retarded, as opposed to a total drooling giggling vegetable finger up his nose mouth breathing kind of retarded.

So let's sum up: Obviously, Blue Texan's one sick lying motherf***ing hypocrite.

It's always so much fun to watch these wingnuts melt down.


Uh-oh. I think poor Donald has snapped.
HAHAHAHAHA!! SMACK. DOWN. YO. BLUE. TEXAN. FAIL. .... aaaawwwhhhh!!! Screw you and your white supremacist double-standards, prick. You lose epic Blue Texan loser.
I fear for his co-workers at the mall.

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