Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Donald Douglas is not very bright.

The American Power wingnut thinks he's BUSTED! me by comparing a post I wrote at FDL about Trent Lott's ties to the racist CCC to my Robert Byrd post yesterday. (UPDATED)

Some obvious points.

1) The context of the Lott post matters. It was a response to the wingnut hissy kabuki over Harry Reid's "negro" comment, in which they were making the absurd argument that there was some sort of double standard with Trent Lott and calling for Reid to resign.

I noted:
When someone discovers that Harry Reid is a) chummy with racist hate groups and b) has a deplorable voting record on civil rights — please speak up and speak up loudly. Otherwise, the GOP needs to STFU with this “Harry Reid is just like Trent Lott” BS.
2) Being Southern and associated with a white supremacist group in 1942 is not the same thing as being Southern and being associated with a white supremacist group in 1992. This should be self-evident, even to a tool like Donald Douglas.

3) Byrd renounced his past racism, and became a true champion for civil rights. Lott's voting record on civil rights sucks, and he's never renounced his ties to the CCC.

4) Is Douglas really defending Robert Stacy McCain, who wrote that Byrd's death makes him "the best kind of Democrat"?

Again, classy. And not very bright.



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