Friday, June 25, 2010


Earlier in the week I learned from Hugh Hewitt that a Labor Department order giving gay workers the same opportunity as heterosexual ones to take unpaid time off to care for their partners' newborns or loved ones constitutes "contempt for the rule of law" and "a raw exercise of power."

Hugh's anger is justified: Moternity leave is a travesty of justice. But I hope Hugh realizes that such strong language must be used sparingly. Surely, he won't go FedSoc DEFCON 5 at yesterday's news that...

The House on Thursday approved legislation to curtail the ability of corporations and other special interest groups to influence elections by requiring greater disclosure of their role in paying for campaign advertising.


The Disclose Act: Another Assault On The Constitution

Know who else was fond of that phrase? Strom Thurmond:

Just sayin'.

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