Monday, May 24, 2010

Make it Stop.

The kids Rumproast, masochists all of 'em, try to ruin my day by making me read Peter Daou:

In the movies, pretend heroes like Bruce Willis and Will Smith save the planet while the whole world watches with breath and belief suspended. In real life, a global catastrophe is treated like a mere annoyance, mismanaged by a rapacious oil company, while drill-baby-drillers double down on their folly and the White House puts out defensive fact sheets about how they were on it from "day one."

First of all, Bruce Willis and Will Smith are not heroes, pretend or otherwise. Credit for planet-saving should be given to Harry Stamper and Captain Steven Hiller, respectively. Willis and Smith are, you know, actors? Second, maybe Peter forgets, but D.C., New York, L.A., "and several other major cities around the world" were destroyed in one movie and Paris, Shanghai and New York (again!) are obliterated in the other. So, you know, it's an odd definition of success.

And if you think I've got the slightest idea what sentence #1 has to do with sentence #2, well, you would be wrong.

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