Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If You Remember the Primaries, This May Amuse You.

From the Allen Media Strategies bio page:

Will Bower has 15 years experience working in the worlds of media and entertainment. He graduated from Kenyon College in 1994 with a B.A. in theatre. From 1994-1995, Will was a promotions agent for Agence Magnitude in Paris (France). From 1996-1998, he worked as a production assistant for the Sydney Austrlian-based PR & advertising company, KOAN. From 1999-2001, Will was an assistant talent agent at Midwest Talent Agency in Los Angeles, CA. From 2002-2008, he was an intellectual property research analyst for Thomson Reuters. In 2008, he was the spokesperson for a advocacy group focused on the need for election reform and made multiple major on-air television and radio appearances. Now, in 2009, Will is happy to be a media booking specialist for Allen Media Strategies.

That is very funny.

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