Monday, April 26, 2010

Fat, Chaste and Stupid is No Way to Go Through Life, Rick. (bumped)


Amazing! But not really! Lookyhere, from my copy of An American Bible:

I'm sure Warren will find some way blame this on the gays.

...Goaded by #allanbrauer, Warren has responded. He links to a "primary source" that he obviously believes vindicates him.

It don't.

Short story: Robert Aitken, a Philadelphia print-maker, asked Congress in 1781 for funds to publish a Bible. Congress said no. However, they did "endorse" the project, and those endorsements -- which ran after the title page in the Aitken Bible -- is what Warren links to. As Baylor's Derek Davis wrote, "Congress gave no financial aid to the project."

The story of America's inception is as remarkable as Warren's myth-making is gratuitous and silly. Pastor, care to admit you screwed up?

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