Tuesday, March 16, 2010


My disdain for Roger Simon is no secret. Abject laziness, prissiness, terrible speller, inflated ego, and so on. The man's got it in spades.

All this I could maybe forgive if he were not so motherfucking ballnumbingly stupid:

"Meanwhile, the Washington Post’s Fred Hiatt, no conservative by any stretch, is detecting a “happiness deficit” in our president..."

For liberal bloggers, it's an article of faith that Hiatt is a warmongering jackass, seemingly keen on winning the "who can fuck up Kay Graham's legacy" contest. But even my blogofascist brethren may not appreciate the extent of Hiatt's awfulness, and that his legacy of destruction is, in its own horrific way, impressive:

In 1996, Hiatt joined the Post's editorial board, and in 2000 became its editorial page editor. During Hiatt's tenure, the Post's editorial stance has been widely perceived as shifting towards a neoconservative position on foreign policy and a more conservative stance on domestic issues: Once called "Pravda on the Potomac", an allusion to the official newspaper of the Soviet communist party due to what critics deemed its left-wing bias, The Post has in the last decade steadfastly supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq, warmed to President George W. Bush's proposal to partially privatize Social Security, opposed a deadline for U.S. withdrawal from the Iraq War, and advocated free trade agreements, including CAFTA. In "Buying the War" on PBS, Bill Moyers noted 27 editorials supporting George W. Bush's ambitions to invade Iraq. In 2006, The Post endorsed every Republican incumbent for Congress in Northern Virginia.

In other words, Hiatt has been wrong about everything.

Quoting the only Post employee worth reading: Fuck Roger Simon with a spiky acid-tipped dick.

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