Monday, March 22, 2010

The logic machine took a shit and died.

I'm starting to like David Frum, as he strikes me as the kind of person with whom I could have a conversation and strenuously disagree. As opposed to a person cross-eyed with rage and screaming incoherent nonsense at the top of his lungs.

My new-found and grudging respect does not entail overlooking disastrously shitty logic:

One of the worst things about the Democrats’ plan is the method of financing: an increase in income taxes. The top rate of tax was already scheduled to jump to 39.6 percent at the end of this year. Now a surtax of 5.4 percent will be stacked atop that higher rate. At first, the surtax bites only very high incomes: $500,000 for individuals. But that tax will surely be applied to larger and larger portions of the American population over time.
Really, that's your argument?

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