Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Top 10 Worst Lines in that Wendy Button Piece No One Is Talking About.

We'd hoped PUMAlicious Wendy had simply disappeared. Nope. She's dumping her notebook on the John Edwards paternity scandal for, natch, Huffington Post. Here we go!

10. "For us, it was yet another reminder that our work with John will always be wrapped in a scarlet letter."

9. "For me, I was completely unprepared for what the last few weeks have done to my head and heart... and I knew the truth."

8. "I said, 'Fuck.'"

7. " John spoke out -- we spoke out -- while others were silent... still are silent."

6. "For the hundreds of us who didn't repair sex tapes with scotch tape, the truth and the details of John's mess, they break our hearts all over again."

5. "The story was so damaging, my Blackberry vibrated across the passenger seat."

4. "The truth finds us in the strangest of places."

3. "I stood alone in the CBS parking lot, looking at the game show sign as if it was a twisted version of the decrepit T.J. Eckelberg eyeglasses sign hovering over the freeway in F. Scott Fitzgerald's, The Great Gatsby."

2. "The good thing about darkness and rain is that they hide tears."

1. "This is politics -- American politics -- where dysfunction breeds like mold after a rainstorm."

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