Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Richard Miniter's Attempt to Freeload Off Former Employer Hits Snag.


Remember that one time, last year, when Richard Miniter sued The Washington Times?

Yes, well, hahahahaha!

Judge Ricardo M. Urbina decided Tuesday to throw out Miniter's request that the Times not transfer assets while the case was pending, citing there was no evidence the paper was trying to do such a thing. According to the Associated Press, Urbina also said Miniter's case was weak, noting the journalist never submitted a copy of the contract he claims the newspaper breached.

"We never had a hearing, that's why this ruling is so bizarre," Miniter's lawyer Larry Klayman told Yeas & Nays. As for that contract: "There was an oral contract," Klayman said.

Heh. He said oral.

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