Thursday, November 05, 2009

Dispatch from PUMAville.

If the Michelle Obama business didn't convince you that Larry Johnson is a racist piece of garbage, check out his reaction to the Fort Hood tragedy:

Wanted to comment on the news out of Fort Hood that a muslim U.S. Army officer, Major Malik Nadal Hassan,and perhaps two others, went on a shooting rampage today and killed 11soldiers and one civilian police officer. This is not the first time amuslim in the U.S. military has turned his weapon on fellow soldiers. Aword of caution, initial reports can be quite wrong and we should keepour powder dry.

However, if these initial reports are verified as true this will be bad for muslims in America.

Really? Or is Agent Whitey simply looking for a pretext to grab a gun?

...BT adds....

Was Tim McVeigh bad for white Christian gun nuts in America?

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