Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hugh Hewitt's Skin is So Thin He's Transparent.

It's not clear why David Frum continues to sit for interviews with Hugh Hewitt -- who is craaaazy -- but I'm grateful he does because this is entertaining:

HH: I am…wait a minute. I’m not…Mark Levin is my friend. I have practiced law alongside of Mark Levin for 25 years. He is an extraordinary intellect…
DF: Well, I wouldn’t go as far as that.
HH: He is a very principled lawyer. Well, on what basis? How do you slander Mark Levin? On what basis?
DF: How did I…sorry, I’m saying I wouldn’t go quite as far as you just did, but go ahead.
HH: What would you say about him? He is an accomplished lawyer. Are you a lawyer, David Frum?
DF: Well, I graduated from a law school.
HH: And did you pass the Bar?
DF: I didn’t ride the Bar.
HH: You never sat for the Bar?
DF: No.
HH: Then on what basis do you get off and attack Levin’s legal credentials then?
DF: You know, Hugh, I didn’t attack his legal credentials. I just wouldn’t go as far as you said, that he was an extraordinary intellect. I wouldn’t go as far as that.

Heh. He said "get off."

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