Friday, October 02, 2009

Glenn Reynolds and other wingnuts: Yay! America lost!

Guess the "USA! USA! USA!" stuff is only good when a Republican is in charge.

Even Scarborough isn't amused.

Count me as one conservative who is disappointed that President Obama's hometown will not be hosting the 2012 Olympic Games.

Chicago is a beautiful city that would have made a perfect backdrop for the Olympics. The President was right to fly to Copenhagen to try to land the games, not for the sake of his city, but for the good of his country. The fact President Obama failed makes me respect him more for taking the chance, and the fact many right-wing figures opposed the President's mission shows just how narrow-minded partisanship makes us all. [...]

[W]hat we saw from some conservative corners regarding the President's failed Olympics bid was just plain stupid.

It really is Palin's party.

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