Thursday, October 15, 2009


A little known fact about McTardle is that she is a robot. Unfortunately her OS is based on Vista and it occasionally restarts in the middle of a task. That is the only possible explanation for stopping in the middle of a book review to recite faux-libertarian talking points. After making a few decent albeit simplistic points that are actually about the book - for example, if everyone adopted this theory of consumptive asceticism then the waste which fuels the second-hand shopper's lifestyle would disappear - before having a firmware error and restarting in Dipshit Mode:
True, barring huge advances in energy technology, the current American lifestyle is unsustainable. But it doesn’t really follow that we should therefore turn into a nation of Dumpster divers. Rather, it suggests that we’ve got the prices wrong. We should be taxing carbon, pesticide overuse and other excesses that push the costs of our consumption onto others. But once things are priced properly, there’s nothing particularly admirable in refusing to spend money you can spare.
That's fuckin' fascinating, Megs. Now back to the book...

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