Tuesday, April 17, 2007



Putz and Michelle Malkin, the two ghouls who's very first posts about the Virginia Tech shootings yesterday could've been written by NRA lobbyists, actually have the gall to criticize the New York Times editorial page today -- Putz calls them "vultures." Says Malkin,
Apparently, it's "creepy" to call attention to legislative efforts that prevented VTech students from arming themselves in self-defense on campus, but there's nothing "creepy" about the Times jumping the gun on gun control.
Malkin isn't stupid -- she knows full well the difference between something written the day after and something written while the blood was still literally flowing. And this editorial wasn't the very first story out of the New York Times, unlike the "See! Gun control is bad!" posts we got from Putz and Malkin right out of the box.

Talk about projection. They're the vultures.

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