Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pelosi's in big trouble -- in Putz's mind.

If you only got your news from Putz, you'd think Nancy Pelosi was on shaky ground politically, doing a terrible job as Speaker and even less popular than the President. Some recent snippets about Pelosi from Putz over the past couple of weeks:
The most recent AP-Ipsos poll, completed on the day Ms. Pelosi met with Bashar Assad in Damascus, showed a 14 point drop in the Speaker's net approval rating since the last survey...

Nancy Pelosi is trying to pretend that she’s the President and Rep. Tom Lantos is arguing that the Democrats have their own foreign policy, the Constitution be damned.

MORE BAD PRESS for the new Democratic leadership as a result of Pelosi's trip.

THIS SEEMS RIGHT TO ME: "Speaker Pelosi's adventure in Damascus has cost her a lot of political capital."

Rand Simberg on Pelosi's trip and suggestions that it might have been illegal:

Interestingly, I think that the more Pelosi acts like a wannabe President, the worse it is for Hillary. And I think that Pelosi knows that.
Sounds bleak, doesn't it?

From the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll (for an excellent analysis of this poll, see Greenwald):
Bush: Approve 35%/Disapprove 62%/No Opinon 2%
Pelosi: Approve 53%/Disapprove 35%/No Opinion 12%
An 18-point lead in approval and a whopping 27-point advantage on the other side. And all of this yet another reason you should never listen to Putz.

Feel free to let Putz know how wrong he's been on Pelosi. He seems to be confused.


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