Thursday, May 30, 2013

No one cares about Scandalmania! Still.

Putz and Freddoso were heh-indeeding each other the other day on Twitter about how Obama was "losing" in the wake of all the "scandals." (As an aside, that conversation is worth reading in its entirety.)

President Obama’s approval ratings have increased since a trio of controversies involving his administration began dominating the news cycle. 
Fifty percent of those surveyed in Gallup’s three-day tracking poll released Wednesday say they approve of the job the president is doing, compared to 43 percent who said they disapprove.
But 99% of Fox viewers and Instapundits want the president impeached.


JohnR said...

On the other hand, 89.7% of registered voters, including 64.5% of registered Democrats strongly disapprove of Obama's Lack of Leadership(TM). I trust these numbers because I just pulled them out of my hat, and they seem right to me.

Anonymous said...

Given the enchantment of House Republicans and their base with the concept of impeaching Obama, I would not be surprised if we started hearing a growing drumbeat for it in the next two months or so.

Meanwhile, the average citizen thinks ever more highly of Obama, and has an ever-lower opinion of both the GOP and its platform.

Maybe, if we're lucky, the GOP will impeach Obama on some trumped-up malarkey a month before the 2014 mid-terms. I think that, even with redistricting, the resulting wave of disgust across the nation would pretty much convert the GOP to instant rump status.


merlallen said...

They can just sit around in their own little worlds and have a circle jerk while fantasizing that anyone gives a shit about their scandals.

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Anonymous said...

I'm married to one of these sad cases. He actually thinks I'm depressed because of the horrible scandals associated in Wingnuttia with the President. I voted for the President. I'm depressed because I'm married to someone who lives in an alternate universe.

merlallen said...

haha that would do it

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