Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Wingnut Central.

Nice home state you've got there, Putz.
Tennessee, which appears to be giving South Carolina a serious run for the title of Wingnut Central, is now at the forefront of one of the tea party's more peculiar pet rocks: repealing the 17th Amendment, by hook or by crook.
This is always a great debate to have. Texas, though it clearly has the most wingnuts, can't quite be the wingnuttiest state, primarily because the mayors of the four largest cities here (which happen to be four of the biggest 13 cities in the US) -- are all Democrats. And yeah, there's Austin.

Tennessee is a very strong contender, but for my money, South Carolina is always #1. Everyone else is just fighting for second place.


Fearguth said...

Like many other native Texans, I have ancestors who came from Tennessee. It's taken a while, but we descendants are getting better.

Ellis Weiner said...

Not so fast. Repubs in N. Carolina want to declare an official state religion.


Mark said...

IMO Tennessee is the wingnuttiest state. Unless of course Glenn Reynolds goes on vacation--then whatever state he's visiting gets the title until he comes back home.

Charles Giacometti said...

Kansas is pretty nuts, too.

And, what Mark said.

Iko said...

I assume that you leave out my home state of Louisiana because you don't want to rank professionals with mere amateurs.