Monday, April 29, 2013

Voting against really popular stuff might actually hurt you.

Well, well, well.

Who knew there were so many bigots around?



Charles Giacometti said...

I have a few theories about why the rubes voted the way they did:

1. They are used to rimming the NRA no matter what.
2. They are as mentally ill as Wayne LaPierre.
3. They feel physically threatened by the gun nuts.

I really do suspect #3 played into it this time around, at least with a few gutless Senators. The NRA has this unhinged minority imagining the government is about to round them up for FEMA camps. This, despite the fact that the NRA supports criminals and terrorists--and could not be more unAmerican.

If the rube Senators do not come looking for another vote, you will know it's #3, Few things scare them more than not getting re-elected, and I suspect that being assassinated by an NRA lunatic is one of them.

Anonymous said...

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