Tuesday, April 16, 2013

They're all Sarah Palin now.



Anonymous said...

What is it that makes wingnuts so dumb? I mean really, someone, besides T. McVeigh types (you know, wingnuts) are a-ok with civilian type bombings?

Anonymous said...

And thus, by brilliant deduction, we can assert that it was Obama who planted those bombs. He did so to embarrass his political enemies and pave the way for Sharia Law after he nationalizes our industries and seizes our guns.

He planted the bombs using the same time-travel machine he used to plant that notice in the Hawaiian newspapers about his supposed birth.

JohnR said...

My God, Anonymous(2)! It all fits! Of course, having demonstrated that you Know Too Much, I'm sure by now you have been removed by the simple method of having Obama's Secret Time-Travel Assassination Korps go back and murder your grandfather. But then, why is your post still visible? Oh, I'm so confused.