Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Proper English.

“One thing that I know, because I know people who know her, is when Sarah Palin first burst on the scene, she wanted to have a meeting with Palin,” Coulter said. “Because she saw raw political talent, but wanted to teach Sarah Palin to do what she did. I just know it from friends of hers,” adding that Thatcher wanted to teach Palin “to speak proper English.” 
Think Progress reported in 2010 that McCain’s aides discovered shortly after Palin’s addition to the GOP ticket that she “had no idea” who Thatcher was.


Anonymous said...

It's a small wonder how sane people think wingnuts are constantly lying about everything. There is no debate about "values" in this country. The debate is between those that live in the real world and those who love to make shit up.

JohnR said...

"adding that Thatcher wanted to teach Palin “to speak proper English.”"

I can't decide whether Coulter has an unsuspectedly snarky sense of humor, or whether she's just incapable of recognizing a real insult when she sees one. I lean to the latter - Coulter's ilk hear only what they want to hear. The Label of the source determines the content of the message. It's weirdly McLuhan-ish.

Charles Giacometti said...

Dear Goddess...

For Palin to speak even reasonable English, her IQ would need to go up by at least 20 points. She's a fucking moron, and her tortured language is a reflection of that.

You can't teach anything complex to such a fucking simpleton.

Cerberus79 said...

I predict that in a short time Sarah Palin won't know who Sarah Palin is.