Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bobo recants.

In Friday’s column, I wrote that the Obama administration has no plan to avoid the sequester save raising taxes on the rich. That was unfair. The White House approach is not what I would like, but it is more balanced than I described. 
Humiliation is a good teacher. So, I’ve been trying to think through my dissatisfaction — and clarify what I think the administration should do.
Maybe you should've "thought through" your "dissatisfaction" before you wrote the factually incorrect column, Bobo.

Wonder where the Times editors on this?


JohnR said...

Humiliation may be a good teacher, but that's hardly the point. The real question is, is our Bobo learning?

Pope Bandar bin Turtle said...

Humiliation is also a good way to blow $200 on a Saturday night. (If you do it right, that is!)

Safe word: Malkinization!

Jethro Boehner said...

NYT fact-checks the shit out of Paul Krugman, as described here:



For Bobo, they rely on Ben Shapiro.

Fearguth said...

Bobo needed more material for that course in Humility he's teaching at Yale.