Thursday, January 10, 2013

Self-awareness isn't their strong suit.

I love it when War on Terror cheerleaders start talking about the futility of gun control.
This “one life” line receives an awful lot of attention after massacres, especially among those who would jump to rush legislation through. It shouldn’t, of course, because it is a silly thing to say. No free society worth its salt operates anywhere close to the principle that a law that could save “one life” is automatically worth passing, or that “actions” that result in “only saving one life” are axiomatically “worth taking.”
Yes, the same people who championed The One Percent Doctrine, who thought George W. Bush should be able to create an entire new domestic security department of the federal government, illegally spy on Americans, set up torture gulags all over the world, hold suspects without charges, preemptively bomb, invade and occupy nations -- all because The Terrorists May Kill Again -- these are the people who are now saying that regulating firearms won't save lives, and also, freedom.


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Richard Taylor said...

Ah BT, you can drive yourself nuckin' futz pointing out the logical incoherencies of these people. They only support the "1% doctrine" when it serves their private fantasies