Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pulling up the ladder behind them.

Love it when children of immigrants demogauge immigration.


Anonymous said...

This should be an interesting fight within the GOP. Now that Rush has declared he's going to fight, it's going to be the Teahadists/Dittohead contingents versus the elected leadership. Since the elected leadership has lost every fight with the Teahadists, and since the Teahadists control the primaries, I think we can look forward to the GOP having to renounce the deal they just crafted.

JohnR said...

"demogauge"? Is that bigger than "O"? I once, as a little kid, rode on a mini-railroad where the engineer was seated on top of the 4-foot-long locomotive - it was a nice size for demos, so maybe that was "demogauge". As you can see I don't even want to address the actual political (if that's an appropriate use of the term) action there. My brain cringes whenever these idiots and crazed maniacs are treated as serious parts of the government.

Anonymous said...

"The central philosophical essence of modern conservatism is: "eff you, I got mine." Here's Lou Barletta (R-PA), talking about immigration..."

For quite awhile now, I've been under the impression that "eff you, I got mine" was the GOP's motto to live by, so unfortunately, this doesn't surprise me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks I hadn't seen this one.
Though I'm well aware of Barletta's irrational obsession.
Unfortunately, he is my representative in Congress.
Every time I write a letter to him about what I think of something... Well for a couple of years now he'd send back the most INSULTING response letter basically saying whatever I think is irrelevant and here's what he thinks...
The last 2 responses I've gotten though in the past month, have been a tad less dismissive of the views of me & people like me at least in some areas. (Though not nearly enough.) I suspect it's superficial of course. But any little give with this guy is something since I'm stuck with him for now.
Note: He voted yes for the fiscal cliff deal.
There's part of me that hopes that in his obsession with immigration, maybe he could be put off balance and at least vote sensibly on some other things if enough people pester him enough!

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