Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Erick Erickson finds all this GOP anger and scandal-mongering a bit off-putting.

Don't laugh.

We have too many outrage pimps on both sides of the aisle whipping the respective bases into a frenzy and fury against the other side. I don’t have enough time or energy to be outraged about it all. There are things to be outraged by, but not everything, and certainly not with full energy dedicated to every perceived slight and grievance. 
What I am finding is that among conservatives there is too much outrage, piss, and vinegar. It makes our ideas less effective. We have become humorless, angry opponents of the President instead of happy warriors selling better ideas. We are not even selling ideas. 
Conservatives, frankly, have become purveyors of outrage instead of preachers for a cause. Instead of showing how increasing government harms people, how free markets help people, and how conservative policies benefit all Americans, we scream “Benghazi” and “Fast & Furious.”

And Vince Foster, Travelgate, Monica, ACORN, Solyndra...

What a strange post.

The GOP has been mostly a non-stop ragegasm since Newt and the Angry White Men. And when you think of right-wing media -- or even most conservative leaders -- you don't think of "Happy Warriors" - you think of, well, Angry White Men. For that matter, the entire wingosphere -- especially RedState -- is primarily driven by whipping up the rubes over the Outrage of the Day.

Maybe Erickson has finally realized after 3 losses in 4 national elections, this stuff isn't working?



Grung_e_Gene said...

Doubtful. This is most likely a wayward post. Erick will be back at work hyping what ever Right-Wing Rage is vogue by tomorrow and incestously cross-posting from other Rage-aholics.

JohnR said...

"Instead of showing how" shaving a duck every day will make us all incredibly wealthy, and how believing in the tooth fairy will make Ronald Reagan, reborn, return and lead us all into Paradise, we have instead gotten sidetracked into ill-informed and incoherent ragegasms on a daily basis. We must go back to our clear message to the American people that talking cans of Socialist peas are sapping our manhood with secret alien shrink-rays, and that only True Conservatives know how to preserve our Nation's Purity of Essence.
Just when you thought that Erick, Ericksonsson of Erick, um, Son, was going to actually make sense and show a little self-awareness, he slides back under the cozy Covers of Realityness to hide from the fearsome hordes of the Dreaded SocialistFascist Obamanster. Hey, it's easier than thinking. Besides, as the Great Philosopher once said, "a man's got to know his limitations". In Erick's case, his limitations include believing that what he believes is actually real. Still, he's a lot closer to actual sentience than most of his commentariat.

Mr. Flibble said...

Nice job with the false equivalence, by the way, Erick. "Outrage pimps on both sides of the aisle," my ass.

Anonymous said...

This is of a piece with the question I asked earlier today on another blog:

After four years of keeping the outrage cranked to 11, how can even the most die-hard conservatives keep that up? And how can rightwing media, which has used every invective allowed by the FCC to deride Obama, possibly keep the rube riled with the same overextended hyperbole they've been using for the last four years?

Eventually, even the dimmest of their followers will become exhausted, and I think maybe Erickson is sensing that.


Anonymous said...

I doubt Erickson has ever said a positive thing about conservative "ideas" in his life. He's too busy farting and enjoying the smell.

It says everything about these fucking rubes that (a) he exists and (b) he tries to sound reasonable even though he never has been in his life.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

how can even the most die-hard conservatives keep that up?

Biker crank?

Mr. Wonderful said...

1. JohnR wins the thread.
2. I'm shocked, shocked that Eric and Sons doesn't mention the relentless hypocrisy of all the GOP self-righteous fulminating. As I've said elsewhere, these "conservatives" can't help but be hypocrites, because they (proudly) base every statement they make on principle--principle which they (ceaselessly) betrayed during W's admin. Thus, therefore--
3. They should shut up. Harsh words, yes. And I mean them to sting.

Unknown said...

The GOP doesn't make me think of Angry White Men; It makes me think of Morbidly Obese Angry White Men Of Low Intelligence And High Religiosity.

Unknown said...

The GOP doesn't make me think of Angry White Men; It makes me think of Morbidly Obese Angry White Men Of Low Intelligence And High Religiosity.

Anonymous said...

"We have become humorless, angry opponents..."

Wow. This from the guy who threatened to shoot the jack-booted local bureaucrats who banned Erickson's preferred phosphate-laden dish detergent.


Anonymous said...

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