Sunday, December 09, 2012

The soft bigotry of low expectations.

Wow, another wingnut pundit in the New York Times thinks Marco Rubio's acknowledgement of the wait staff is the MOST IMPORTANT SPEECH EVAR!
So it’s fitting, perhaps, that the same week DeMint announced his departure from the Senate, one of the conservatives he fostered gave a speech that tried to do just that. This was Marco Rubio, who used an address at the Jack Kemp Foundation dinner to speak frankly about problems that too many Republicans have ignored these last four years — the “opportunity gap” opening between the well educated and the rest, the barriers to upward mobility, the struggles of the poor. 
When your previous messaging about these folks centers around some synonym of "leech" -- just about anything is an improvement.

But, where's the beef?
The speech didn’t offer the kinds of policy breakthroughs the party ultimately requires.


Batocchio said...

The occasional begrudging compliment is the extent of conservative "trickle-down" riches. The rest is urine.

Jethro Boehner said...

"The speech didn’t offer the kinds of policy breakthroughs the party ultimately requires."

They don't want different policy goals. They still want: low (or no) taxes on the VERY wealthy; no regulations for big business; privatization of government services so their friends can profit.

They will ALWAYS want these things. The only thing that will change is the menu of bullshit arguments they employ to fool and distract people in their pursuit of these goals.

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