Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Taunting people has consequences.

In which the reliably stupid (see herehere and here) Steve Crowder finds out that being an asshole can be hazardous.


Anonymous said...

Steve Crowder wants to get beat up. That's not too smart.

M. said...

First, a disclaimer: Of course it's not right to respond in violence, even when the person you want to beat is Crowder.

Now, I wonder what this giant asshole edited out that got him a punch in the mouth.

Jethro Boehner said...

Steven, Steven, Steven.

The Neocon Prime Directive: when you go pick a fight, always make sure it's somebody else that does the actual fighting.

Dummy. Dick Cheney is laughing at you and he is not alone.

Charles Giacometti said...

He imagines the guy is going to "go to jail," which is about as likely as Ann Coulter having a vagina.

For the record, violence is the right response to these assholes when they come looking for it.

Mark said...

Isn't Crowder the guy who's big on working out and the fighting stuff?

It was interesting to see him repeatedly attack that old fellow's knuckles with his face then back up and hold up his hands in sheer terror--very unconventional but fun to watch. I hope his crew films with better equipment next time he decides to push a working man.

Anonymous said...

So was he hurt bad enough to file a police report of just bad enough to get a few more days on the wingnut gravy train?