Monday, December 17, 2012

It's always the hippies' fault.

The Corner, which has been rather silent (surprise!) about Newtown, blames the sixties.
Although we are too apt to call mass-murderers crazy rather than evil, this crime does seem like a lunatic’s work. A propos, it’s hard not to wonder about the long-term effects of a project the cultural revolution put over in the 1960s and ’70s: de-institutionalizing the insane so long as they were (supposedly) not dangerous, and building legal and bureaucratic obstacles to keep mentally ill persons from being committed to hospitals or asylums, for society’s and their own good. 
Yep, Reagan played no role at all.

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JohnR said...

Now that's impressive! It's liberal do-gooding from 50 years ago that's keeping the mentally-ill out of hospitals, not the massive cutback in government support and equally massive increases in healthcare costs over the past couple of decades. Well, luckily, at a time like this, there is still a fine option - as good old Ebenezer famously said: "Are there no prisons?" Alas, in our modern coddlesome liberal society, the old 'Union workhouses' so admired by Mr. Scrooge have been tragically and foolishly done away with. Still, we can hope - as long as the stalwart "conservatives" of the GOP retain control of the House, it may still be possible to re-institute those plain but wholesome group homes which allow the more careless and lazy members of society to turn their moochers' debt into useful labor for the job-creators of this great nation.