Monday, December 03, 2012


"Could be achieved" = no chance in hell.

House Republicans on Monday made a new deficit proposal to the White House that calls for $800 billion in tax increases, half of what President Barack Obama proposed and an amount Republicans say could be achieved without increasing tax rates. 
The proposal, a bid to jump-start stalled negotiations on averting the fiscal cliff—a package of tax increases and spending cuts set to take effect in January—is based on a deficit-cutting plan described by Erskine Bowles during a 2011 effort to come up with a deficit-reduction deal.


ckelly said...

And apparently, even Bowles has disavowed this deal as old news and doesn't want his name on it.

JohnR said...

The GOP keeps proposing the same insanely, blatantly laughably vague stuff, win, lose or draw, and somehow they're still treated as Serious Negotiators, even by the Democratic Party. I feel like I'm taking Crazy Pills.