Saturday, December 15, 2012

“As Charles Manson Once Argued, Personality Cults Are Completely Harmless.”

Scott Lemieux:
I suppose it goes without saying, but the argument Reynolds goes on to make after citing his favorite wife-killer is transparently specious. Yes, it’s true that “gun-free zones” in a context in which guns are otherwise widely available are of limited utility (although eliminating them would be overwhelmingly likely to make things even worse.) Limiting the widespread availability of guns and regulating those guns possessed by private citizens more tightly, on the other hand, does demonstrably reduce deaths from gun violence. You know, 5-year-olds getting killed, getting drunk and shooting your wife as a gag, those kind of trivialities. 50% of Guns and Ammo if you go thorough our Amazon Associates account!

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Anonymous said...

And yet, here I am watching CNN this morning as Wolf Biltzer interviews John Lott. Apparently nobody at CNN knows or cares that Lott is entirely discredited.

Lott sat there an spewed out lie after lie. At one point, Lott claimed that the shootings in Newtown were not done with semi-auto weapons. Blitzer let him go on for another minute before some producer finally whispered into Wolf's earpiece that Newtown did, indeed, involve semi-auto weapons. Blitzer interrupted Lott to point this out, at which point Lott just said, "No, it didn't involve automatic weapons."

And Blitzer let that pass.

I despair of this country ever doing anything constructive about guns. Even with dead children heaped in a kindergarten classroom, our news media still brings on certified frauds like Lott to advocate against anything sensible.