Monday, November 12, 2012

Speaking of cocoons...

There are few tighter and more hermetically sealed than Breitbart.
Black voters were mobilized during the Trayvon Martin fiasco. Hispanic voters were motivated by Obama’s (unconstitutional) amnesty-by-fiat. Gay voters were energized by Obama’s symbolic “evolution” on gay marriage. And the Democrats developed the fake “war-on-women” meme to make sure that single women, in particular, marched to the polls. Up and down the ticket, Democrats tarnished even staunchly pro-choice Republicans as extremists. 
I think attributing the fact that Obama won the black vote because of Trayvon Martin is the funniest thing I've read in a long time.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the war on women was all a big faked controversy.

Of course, as Alec Baldwin noted, when someone asks you "How did the rape candidate do?" and you have to respond "Which one?," your party has a real problem.

Mark said...

If this guy really wants to help the conservative movement he should unplug the servers at

Pope Bandar bin Turtle said... has their own waiters? Whodathunkit! (And what are they plugged into?)

Anonymous said...

So, umm, who were the "staunchly pro-choice" Republicans? I don't have the fortitude to go over there to see if the article actually manages to name one.

Anonymous said...

I loved the "the fake 'war-on-women' meme".

It had nothing to do with their disasterous policies that had been proved for all the world to see by the Bush decade that everything they believe is wrong.

It wasn't due to the fact that they are repulsive human beings.

I thought they lost because I'm a taker. Make up, what passes on the right for their minds.