Friday, November 30, 2012

Senate Democrats.

Since the health care debates, it's been pretty obvious for some time that about a dozen corrupt Senate Democrats have been hiding behind the GOP's filibuster as an excuse not to pass anything.

Now they're getting smoked out.

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JohnR said...

"[Pryor] acknowledged it might not be realistic to rely on the good nature of his colleagues to solve Senate gridlock."

In other news, Pryor is still studying the issue of solar orbits; he isn't completely convinced that the planets actually go around the Sun. "I don't like to rush into changing my opinions like that;" he said yesterday, "my family has been convinced for generations of accuracy of the good old Ptolemaic version of the solar system, and what's good enough for my father is good enough for my kids." He acknowledged it might not be realistic for his children, now working at NASA, to rely on the Ptolemaic system when plotting interplanetary spacecraft missions, but felt that with patience and compromise it would all work out.