Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Outsourcing my Putz bashing to Edroso.

Which I'm happy to do from time to time.

Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds quoted a Republican who said of the RINO Romney, "Romney was not my first, second, or third choice, but I will crawl over ground glass to vote for him," and postulated, "A lot of Republicans -- and, judging from polls, a lot of independents -- feel this way. If there are enough of them, Romney will win, and win big." 
Very qualified, this optimism -- but Reynolds had more: While he acknowledged that "people on the Right" didn't show up for John McCain in 2008, he believed they would do so for the father of Romneycare because, for one thing, these people of the Right "stood in line for hours at Chick-fil-A restaurants to buy chicken sandwiches in response to politicians' bullying," he said -- or because they hate gay people, take your pick. 
Reynolds also pleaded the magic of the movies as evidence. He cited the hit rightwing documentary Obama's America: 2016, which at $33.4 million gross is the #2 political documentary earner of all time, and should do as much to elect Romney as the #1 political documentary earner, Fahrenheit 9/11, did to elect President John Kerry in 2004. Reynolds added that the PotR also "packed houses at the 'Hating Breitbart' premiere," which film as of November 1 had made $55,606 at the box office.

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I'll bet eating those words tastes very bitter today...