Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Now, more than ever.

America is just clamoring for another Bush!
Former Florida governor Jeb Bush met Monday with a group of his former staffers at the J. W. Marriott hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, just steps from the White House. Bush, a potential 2016 presidential contender, spent an hour in the hotel’s Cannon room, reminiscing and entertaining questions about his political future.
What I find so weird about the GOP's Bush obsession is Poppy was a one-termer, and W. (who's presidency was a total freaking disaster) lost the popular vote once, and eked out a 1-state victory the second time.

These people aren't exactly world beaters.


hells littlest angel said...

I could only get excited about a Jeb Bush candidacy if he picked Tagg Romney as his running mate.

Charles Giacometti said...

Tagg and Jeb are practicing the same play that worked out so well for Mark Sanchez, except it's Tagg trying to run up Jeb's giant ass.

Anonymous said...

Scoff all you want. I predicted it months ago, and I stand by it: Jeb will be the GOP nominee in 2016. I keep hearing about how the "Bush name is permanently tarnished". Bullshit. Who else are they gonna go with? The big $$ boys luvs them some Bushie stooges; and the US electorate (especially the Goopers)has a short memory. I'm takin bets right here. Not sayin' he'll win the White House; but he WILL be the nominee.

Unknown said...

Hoover/Curtis: the last time the GOP won without a Nixon or a Bush on the ticket.

It may be a stupid bit of historical nonsense, or it may be that Nixon and Bush had ties to that other Hoover. But whatever it is, the Republicans can't seem to win without the Bush name attached to the ticket, and Nixon had the good grace to finally die.

FMguru said...

They really do think the Bushes are the red-State equivalent of the Kennedys. It's pathological.

I also love how their best strategy for freshening up their party and appealing to a changing electorate is to put forward a guy with a famous last name from last deacde (or three decades ago). It's precisely that sort of forward thinking that will send the Democrats reeling in 2016. Wrap it up, libtards.

JohnR said...

Also, too, neither of the first two Bushes was a "Real Conservative", but in the immortal words of one B. Moose, "This time for sure!" Or, to put it another way, Third Time's The Charm! It doesn't hurt that the hope springs eternal in the RW breast; Bush never _is_, but always _to be_ the True Prophet of the wealthiest. [It doesn't scan well, but it's the thought that counts. Beats me how that darned Pope always managed to pull great couplets out of his hat. Some sort of Popal Infallibility principle there.]