Friday, June 08, 2012

Hanson: the real bigots are on the left.

I stopped following VDH a long time ago after his 113th prediction about Iraq was wrong -- because he just got too clownish to mock.

But this is a classic of the "liberals are the real racists" genre.
In 2008, Obama showed his hand with “typical white person,” the clingers speech, the “gun to the knife fight” and “get in their faces’” quips, the spread-the-wealth slip, and the suppression of his past radical associations and alliances. Since then we have seen everything from NFL football coaches appealing to voters on the basis of shared race; requests to Latinos to “punish our enemies”; a phony “war on women”; class envy and anger (“fat cat,” “corporate-jet owner” “pay your fair share,” now is not the time to profit, at some point you’ve made enough money, and on and on); targeted messages for greens and gays — as each hyphenated group forms a particular Obama action committee on the basis of its race, gender, or class, in hopes that in toto a bare majority emerges to extract concessions for the group.
This is especially awesome coming from a publication that just weeks ago severed ties with two avowed white supremacists.

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