Friday, June 08, 2012

Another example of "I believe it to be true, because it's what I believe."

I actually caught "Morning Joe" the other day when JoeScar was blasting the New York Times for publishing articles about Mitt Romney's houses.

"Why didn't they do this to Kerry?!" he kept asking over and over. My thought at the time was, "They probably did, dude -- check the archive."

Well, they did. And when the Times pointed out that JoeScar was dead wrong about his 20-minute rant against them, what's his reaction? An apology?

I have to talk extmeraneously for three hours a day. But the general impressions of people like myself and [MSNBC contributor] Mark Halperin, that does count in the prespective that active news consumers have.
For wingnuts, "general impressions" always trump facts.

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