Friday, May 25, 2012

A family is not the same thing as a nation.

So true.
 I mean, hasn’t YOUR family run a debt every year except for the year it was established? Doesn’t YOUR family mint its own currency and issue its own bonds? No? Oh because we do in my family! We have AWESOME BUCKS, and they come in denominations of $2 and $7. A $2 AWESOME BUCK has a picture of my dog’s butt on it. The $7 AWESOME BUCK looks just like the medal my brother won in the 2nd grade spelling bee.  Right now the rate of exchange is pretty steep: there are a million dollars Canadian in one AWESOME BUCK and they are legal tender in my living room, dining room, guest bathroom, and in some editions of Candyland.  Oh and currently the tax-equivalent yield on our bonds is running at around one thousandths of a percent right now, which we’re feeling pretty good about. 

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