Saturday, April 07, 2012

A problem with a solution.

All this suffering is really unnecessary.

You know what, America?  This monthly jobs report may be a one-off disappointment or it could signal that the job market is doing worse than we thought.  Either way, there’s too many un- and underemployed people out there.  
And guess what else there is out there?  There’s too many crumbling public schools, too many bad roads, too many water systems, airports, rail lines, and you name it in need of repair.  There are too many states and towns cutting back on vital services, laying off teachers, cops, firefighters.  Too many homeowners underwater on their mortgages. 
So let’s marry a problem with a solution here, take advantage of historically low interest rates—a market signal that this is precisely the time to make these investments—and take out some serious insurance against the possibility that the March report is flashing red.

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