Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jay Nordlinger isn't very bright.

Jay, one of the dimmer bulbs in The Corner's wingnut chandelier, catches sneaky liberals in their sneaky global warming lies.
A reader from Garland, Texas, came up with something I like a lot. He was responding to today’s Impromptus, in which I discuss the slippery game of “climate change.” (The main events in my column are John Derbyshire and Mike Wallace, but there’s the usual mishmash.) Once, the enviro-Left spoke of “global warming.” And then the globe had the rudeness to stop warming. “Climate change” was better, covering everything.
First, the globe didn't stop warming.

Second, the term "climate change" was championed by noted enviro-Leftist Frank Luntz.

How Jay manages to get to work in the morning without tripping on his shoelaces is really something.

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