Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Jane Galt

With McArdle we have the pinnacle of glibertarianism, though "fuck you I've got mine" has morphed into "oh fuck I don't have quite enough I'd better be more creative even my defenses of plutocracy" as the years have passed. This post will probably be seen as unfair somehow, as apparently she's on a blogging break to write a book. Its title is, dear me, PERMISSION TO SUCK, about "how risk aversion is sapping America of its core strengths." Now I do think we should have a bit of permission to suck, to have a few career fails in our lives, but the problem isn't risk aversion, it's that the consequences of a bad coin toss are catastrophic for those of us without significant parental support in our do the trapeze without a social safety net world. A few of the fortunate do, indeed, have permission to suck. And suck they do.
It's nice to read some long posts from Duncan. Looking forward to more.

And yes, I'm going to start lobbying him to make Putz Wanker of the Decade.

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