Monday, April 23, 2012

Glenn Reynolds: both sides have a dog problem!

Putz loves the "Obama ate dogs!" meme.
Have you noticed that the Dems keep coming up with some sure-fire talking point, and then the people on the right take it, turn it around, and then just keep hammering it until the Dems beg for mercy? Or, anyway, start trying to change the subject.
Well, the devil does seem to be in those "turn it around" details, doesn't it? Because if you don't see the equivalence between habitually strapping your family pet to the roof of your car as a grown man and eating dog meat while a child in a foreign country -- you're probably not going to think this is awesome politicking.

But I do love how a true and well-publicized bizarre habit of Mitt Romney's is something "the Dems" came up with.

And where did the "Obama ate dogs" talking point come from? Mitt Romney.

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