Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Duncan has some 'splainin' to do.

Some who didn't make the list failed to do so because they're dead. And some just...well, didn't seem precisely like wankers to me. I see people like BoBo and Reynolds as more Quiet American types, secretly napalming villages or nuking random cities while discussing Burkean humility over tea with Gail Collins or perusing the latest Sharper Image catalog. There's a word for that, though I'm not sure it's wanker.
Problem is, Putz had racked up more Wanker of the Days than just about anyone by 2007.

Here was the top 10 back then:
1. Fred Hiatt – 23 24 (see below)
2. Glenn “Instawanker” Reynolds – 22
3. Joe Lieberman – 21
4. Joe Klein - 16
5. John McCain and Andrew Sullivan (tie) – 11
7. David Broder and Jonah Goldberg (tie) – 10
9. Richard Cohen – 9
10. John “Assrocket” Hinderaker, Michelle Malkin, Tim Russert, Rick Santorum, and Marshall Wittman (tie) – 7
Maybe the definition of "Wanker" evolved, but Putz was for most of the decade, a Hall of Fame caliber Wanker.


Here's the top 6 through 2008.
Fred Hiatt (currently with 26 WOTDs)
Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds (23)
Joe Lieberman (22)
Joe Klein (19)
John McCain (11)
David Broder (11)

It seems inappropriate not to thank Duncan for all the links he's sent my way during the years of the Eschaton Decade. He's been very generous with them, and Putz was usually the reason -- but not always!

Thanks, Atrios.

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