Saturday, March 03, 2012

Rush says something vile -- wingnuts to the rescue!

Been traveling since Thursday, hence the light posting, and only now catching up with Slutgate.

The few defenses of Rush I've been noticing from wingnuttia include the following:

1) A random blogger on HuffPo wrote something offensive about someone 3 years ago, so -- Both Sides Do It. (Ari Fleischer on MSNBC)
2) Rush calling a young woman a slut for testifying in Congress is a leftist plot.
4) No, seriously-- it's a leftist plot.
5) Fluke isn't a slut -- that's far too mild. She's a tool, moocher and hypocrite.

What all of these defenses have in common is they don't simply address the fact that the Leader of the Conservative Movement called a woman who testified in Congress a "a slut" and a "prostitute."

Shorter wingnuts: bitch had it coming.

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