Sunday, January 22, 2012

Grassroots Republicans for fat, corrupt DC insiders.

So sez Erick Erickson, who adds:
Basically, today’s vote is about Republican grassroots giving the Washington Republican establishment the finger. The base is angry, and right now, only Newt is left to fight for them, as imperfect as he is. We may still end up with Romney, but voters aren’t going to let him have it easily.
Three questions:

1) When is the base of the Republican Party not seething with rage?

2) What has the "Republican Establishment" done over the past 2 years to make them so angry? Failing to shut down the government? Failing to impeach Obama? I honestly can't think of anything.

3) If this really is a "grassroots"/Teabaggers vs. DC Establishment vote, why is the beneficiary Newt Freaking Gingrich, the Establishment candidate par excellence? Newt is even more "Establishment" than Willard. Has Willard even lived in Washington?

Wingnuts are weird.

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