Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Big Tent Republican Party of Hugh Hewitt's Mind

Quoth the Hewitt:
There aren't many mortal sins among conservatives, but attacking capitalism is one of them.
Not many at all!

  • Saying global warming isn't a liberal hoax
  • Raising taxes ever, especially on rich people
  • Favoring gay marriage
  • Favoring civil unions
  • Letting gays serve openly in the military
  • Being pro-choice
  • Criticizing Israel
  • Opposing the deportation of 14 million people (pro-SHAMNESTY!)
  • Criticizing America (when Republicans are in charge)
  • Criticizing corporations
  • Defining what "rich" means
  • Cutting defense spending
  • Calling waterboarding "torture"
  • Favoring universal health care
  • Opposing Paul Ryan's plan to destroy the New Deal and Great Society
  • Favoring anything liberals like
I'm sure I've missed a whole lot of stuff -- add away in comments.


Mr. Wonderful comes up with two more really big no-nos:
  • Supporting unions.
  • Supporting gun control

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