Monday, September 12, 2011

No more Two Minutes of Hate left.

Erickson. Coulter. Ace of Spades. Leon Wolf. These are the sorts of people -- indeed they are the very individuals -- who draw on tribal loyalty and employ vitriol to enforce political orthodoxies. Amazingly, they seem genuinely shocked that a pathological culture impervious to reason now exists around Palin, as if a movement that began with critics being assigned to a virtual leper colony could end any other way. Loath as these people are to admit it, Kathleen Parker was right all along. So was Daniel Larison and David Brooks (and to be frank, I was as prescient as anyone).
Adding, the entire left (and the majority of independents) were right all along as well. Pretty much everyone except the GOP rump, including Glenn Reynolds.

I'll have to find another subject for my Two Minutes of Hate series.

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