Saturday, January 01, 2011

William Jacobson: We don't need no stinkin' judges -- screw Obama.

If you want to see partisan hackery at its finest, it's always worth paying the Putz of Cornell a visit. Here, he's disagreeing with the notoriously left-wing Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, who just told the GOP to stop blocking Obama's judicial nominees.
I don't know what the answer to the problem of politicized appointments is, but I do know that with Obama in office, now is not the time to try to unring the bell.
Notice: no dispute of what Roberts said. No expressed concern at all for the health of our legal system.

Just to hell with Obama and the Democrats.

Spoken like a true patriot.


A reader, Mark, posts this -- the percentage of judicial nominees confirmed.
Carter: 91.9%
Reagan: 93.1%
Bush I: 79.3%
Clinton: 84%
Bush II: 86.8%
Obama: 42.8%
The Democrats do it too!

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