Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Glenn Reynolds' beloved Sarah Palin.

Really, really unpopular.

Now, according to Putz, this is all the media's fault -- but, the Quitter's also coming out ahead in the end.

Most Americans familiar with Palin's video response to the Arizona shootings think it was inappropriate- that's where 40% of voters stand to 33% who were not familiar with her response and 27% who thought it was fine. Even among Republicans only 41% thought that what she did was proper- Democrats (60%) are much more unified in their feeling that it was not. Independents split toward thinking the video was inappropriate as well by a 42/28 margin.

Where does Palin stand now? In our monthly 2012 Presidential poll, which we'll release later this week, she trails Barack Obama by 17 points.
Media's fault.

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