Thursday, November 18, 2010

Unless Ghailani is Electrocuted and Hanged, Our Justice System Has Failed!

I do not understand this reaction to the Ghailani verdict:

Today's travesty of justice can be laid at the feet of President Obama, Attorney General Holder and the five justices who have systematically destroyed every attempt by the Congress and President Bush to create a coherent system of military tribunals for terrorists.

224 innocents were killed by this terrorist, including 12 Americans.  They will never receive justice because of the absurd legal theories of a small group of justices and the refusal of Barack Obama and Eric Holder to demand of their left-wing colleagues inthe [sic] Congress a continued insistence on military tribunals.

First of all, under that tribunal system Hewitt loves so much, David Hicks got a seven-year sentence -- all but nine months suspended -- and Osama bin Laden's driver served five months. George Bush: Soft on crime!

And second: What the hell? When did 20-to-life become a walk in the park? The ease with which Hewitt, Powerline ("failure") and Pam Geller dismiss this betrays a palpable bloodlust. What are they after, I wonder? Beheading in a public square? Stoning?

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