Monday, November 15, 2010


See if you can spot the subtle message of this very insightful Washington Post Q&A with Douglas Schoen and Pat Caddell -- both of whom cash checks from Fox News -- during which they argue that Barack Obama should choose to be a one-term president:

Q: Your assertion that declining a reelection bid won't make the president a lame duck is very lacking in support. If Obama were to make such a ridiculous decision, he would immediately lose all influence. The 2012 campaign would immediately begin, and Senate Democrats would be positioning themselves for a run--not helping Obama pass anything.

A: The 2012 campaign has begun.

President Obama already lacks influence.

And we wrote this article in the hopes that President Obama would put country first -- and our nation's problems ahead of its politics. ...

Q: Please expand on the following key assertion: "Forgoing another term would not render Obama a lame duck... [It] would grant him much greater leverage with Republicans and would make it harder for opponents... to be uncooperative." How so? Why exactly would the president have greater leverage?

A: He would have greater leverage because he would put the country first.

In "hand to hand combat" or a political war where Mitch McConnell says that his top priority is making sure President Obama does not win the 2012 election, everyone loses. ...

Q: If Obama were to follow through and announce that he's not running, his influence with the most obdurate portion of government, his own party in the House, would be gone. do you agree?

A: No again, we believe they would realize that the best thing they have going right now would be working for what is best for the country and supporting the President.

The House Democrats would discover that the way to regain their position with the American public --which was severely repudiated in the midterm elections -- would be to put the country first.

Q: Wouldn't the one term idea appeal to all Presidents?

If not, why do you think it applies to Obama alone?

: It's not a question of a one-term President applying universally.  We are offering a unique proposal for a unique situation at a unique time.    It is necessary during this specific time of unprecedented crisis and division for the President to rise above politics and put the country first.

Even by the low, low standards of Post Q&As, this is particularly lazy. Maybe these guys should put the country tossing themselves on I-495.

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